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Tim Speth

Tim Speth is a leader in applied research and technical assistance at Education Northwest with more than 25 years of experience in school-family partnerships, educational equity, early childhood education, educator health and wellbeing, school improvement, and community and family engagement. His current work includes policy research, program evaluation, and technical assistance to PreK–12 education settings on using data and evidence that promote the health and well-being of students and educators.


Projects he is managing/leading or has recently led includes the Washington Inclusionary Practices Family Engagement Collaborative focused on evaluating family-school partnerships to support culturally responsive approaches that center the experiences of students with disabilities and their families; Partnership for Pre-Kindergarten Improvement (PPI) project (that includes evaluating the degree to which pre-K setting are inclusive), led by Cultivate Learning at the University of Washington; Oregon Association of Relief Nurseries: OEA Choice Trust school employee wellness program evaluation, and: a $2 million, one-year project in which EdNW employed a culturally responsive Indigenous
evaluation framework to conduct interviews, focus groups, and surveys with school staff members and families at 100 Bureau of Indian Education and Tribally controlled schools. Tim earned his M.A. in experimental psychology at San Diego State University.

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