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Our Project’s Purpose

1.    The purpose of our scholarship program is to prepare special educators to support multilingual students. 

2.    The purpose of our literacy program is to support educators to improve literacy outcomes for multilingual students. 

3.    The purpose of our collaboration is to focus efforts on creating and fostering a community of diverse inclusive collaborative educators & families. 


Our Project’s Goals






Recruit and prepare 5-7 teacher candidates for special education and dual licensure programs

  • Up to $30,000 total in scholarship

  • Preparation focused on supporting ELs at risk for or with disabilities in literacy

  • To include clinical practicum experience (Consider summer experience)

3-4 Single Case Design Research studies with small group (Tier 2/3) EL literacy interventions 

Partnership for recruitment, practicum placement, and inservice PD for cooperating teachers

Support and PD in Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Evidence-based Tier 1 – 3 instruction and interventions in English and Spanish.

Provide information and training to parents to facilitate active involvement in students’ reading and language development in English and Spanish.

Our Project
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