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Dr. Shaheen Munir-McHill

Shaheen Munir-McHill, PhD, is an assistant professor of practice and the coordinator of the part-time and full-time special education programs. Munir-McHill holds a BA in psychology from the University of Southern California. She earned her MS in special education and a PhD in school psychology from the University of Oregon. Prior to joining the COE, Munir-McHill was a practicing school psychologist in the Eugene/Springfield area, and coordinated the University of Oregon Center on Teaching and Learning reading clinic. Munir-McHill's interests include the development and use of formative assessment tools, early literacy support and intervention, linking assessment and intervention, and systematic implementation of multi-tiered instructional service delivery models.

Dr. Munir-McHill serves as the Clinical Experience & Supervisor Training Coordinator for DICE PLUSS.

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